Matopos Rhino

Ten years ago Zimbabwe’s Matopos National Park had large populations of both White and Black Rhino. Poaching attrition has reduced these iconic species to barely viable breeding numbers. The parks oldest White Rhino “Gumboot” was killed by poachers 2 weeks before I took this picture of “Swazi 2”

At the top end of the poaching tree, Rhino horn is now worth $65,000USD per KG. With more than 627 animals killed in South Africa alone in 2012, Action is required now to save these populations from ongoing poaching, else we will be the generation responsible for the complete extinction of the Rhino from the wild.

At the beginning of the 20th century there were 500,000 rhinos, today there are fewer than 29,000 rhinos surviving in the wild. 95% of all the rhinos in the world have now been killed.

Half of all proceeds from these Limited Edition prints will be donated directly to the Matobo Rhino Initiative Trust to repair the game park fence. The rebuilding of the fence commences on the 1st January 2013 and is hoped to be completed by 31 December and is costing US$1500 per km. Without the fence, which has been stolen over the last 10 years, the Rhino keep wandering out of the park, increasing the chances of poaching. Once this is finished, any additional funds will continue to buy equipment for the Game Scouts like Radios, tents etc. to help protect these Rhino in the future.

Further ways to help the Matopos Rhino and more information can be found at:

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